Q&A on Python algo trading bot and success stories

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2021)

I got a series of questions from a guy on Meetup.com. These are my answers on developing a new Kraken trading bot via video but the dangerous content ha to be on this alternative platform.

See my video here

Can you trade on Kraken webinar meeting id?

Can you make money with kraken crypto trading? I say a resounding yes with the latest reports I have posted earlier today.. Here is the meeting id for Jul 5 you need to know about

See the login details for our webinar tomorrow nite on Jul 5 at 7 PM EDT

New Kraken trading bot return 14% in first 6 hours

Don’t get excited as I have been here before. First, this is paper trading with real market data as well I have seen many new bots do amazing on their first day. It needs goes south after a few days but we shall see with the new one.It is off to a good start compared the low returns you can expect from trading in the mainstream markets. Just watch this Telegram video.

See the moving coins here in this video

And a few hours later, here we are

Which coins returned 23 percent for this new Kraken trading bot

There were some crypto currency returning 23% in just about 15 hours of automated trading. Some had a great run up 25% but the average appears to be 10%. Check the different patterns which is driving these universal moves up.

See an updated video here

Services I mention in the videos below

Lowest monthly cost you will get https://quantlabs.net/shop/product/quant-analytics/

50% discount applied https://quantlabs.net/shop/product/quant-analytics-subscription-6-month-promo/

Thanks and hope to see you online on Monday nite

Thanks Bryan

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