John McAfee rivarly with Dr Craig Wright over Bitcoin. Who is Jimmy Gale Watson Jr?

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2021)

Is there a connection between John McAfee and Dr. Craig Wright Who is behind BSV. If you watch this video, McAfee says there is a 99% chance that Wright was The one who wrote the original bitcoin paper. Is there a connection to this cohort Jimmy Gale Watson Jr

 When you also read and watch about this latest lawsuit settlement, the lawyer makes reference to ‘his paper.’


Does this confirm that Dr. Wright Is the author of the paper? With the recent “suicide”quote of McAfee, is there a connection to Dr Wright ?

Now this video claim was a rivalry between the two.


Here is something i discovered including the Indictment against JOHN DAVID MCAFEE and JIMMY GALE WATSON JR.


Jimmy is the guy with the gun in the Valutainment interview. Try searching online for this JIMMY GALE WATSON JR.

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