Answers on a Python algo trading bot and success stories

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2021)

I got a series of questions from a guy on Meetup.com. These are my answers on developing a trading bot via video but the dangerous content ha to be on this alternative platform.

Hi, Bryan,

Thank you for responding to my email.

I am trying to learn (and kinda make) a bot for a couple of months now.
I know that you can’t make a bot in an hour but, I would suggest that
the subject would be just a small part of making a bot OR the whole hour
could be questions and answers session where people can ask you and also
discuss among themselves. I am looking to meet people whom I can ask
simple questions and exchange experiences and ideas, once a week maybe.
My problem is that I know what I want to achieve but coding is something
of a challenge at the moment.

I have accounts with Kraken and Interactive Brokers and I am interested
in making a real deal bot.

One of the topics I would suggest:

– incorporating TA-Lib, Plotly and Dash to make a bot with reach user
interface. I found a lot of resources about Dash and about trading bot,
but none which would incorporate both. There is no clear info about how
Dash works with additional python code. For example, if you want to make
a bot which will research thousands of stocks, do TA on them and then
fine-tune (fitting) – it could take hours. The question is where you
code that code? Before layout section, inside def function section? It
looks it would make Dash unresponsive for a long time. I couldn’t find
info about how Dash checks for input: is it like continuous loop just
for Dash and nothing else until there is change on the dashboard, or,
works more like a keyboard – checks dashboards once every 100
milliseconds and does other tasks in the meantime?

I believe I found a solution but doesn’t really look practical: to use
dcc.interval and from def section call a function placed before layout
for, let’s say 900 milliseconds,  remember and return where looping
through strategy stopped, return value and show on dashboard loops and
positions, and go back to looping after about another 100 ms (next
dcc.interval call).

Another subject for meetings could be “success stories” – what worked
and what didn’t… what people found to be the best, or just working,
solution for a particular problem.

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