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Here is an online Facebook conversation I had with someone about algo trading benefit with cryptocurrency. I have listed 2 free courses people who want to reap benefits of legal cryptocurrency algo trading. See below for the courses to test your ability with trading and automation.

Hey Bryan, how are you doing? I had a few questions regarding Quant Labs products. Please can you help me get started with Algo trading I am confused which product/course should I be choosing, I have ordered a new laptop to start doing trading fulltime but because of holidays I’ll get it next week after that my priority is to start learning the basics and advanced level trading and automation

Hi… Are you a programmer?

Hi Bryan, sorry I went to bed early last night. I am not a professional programmer but I know the basics and I am a quick study, I mostly do digital marketing related stuff. The thing is I am tired of my current line of work and want something stable because I had saved some money for offline business but unfortunately I invested in real estate and it didnt pan out

You could try these out as a test to see if you are interested in what I offer (free when you apply the supplied coupon code)

For technical analysis


And technical including programming:


Thanks a lot Bryan I will definitely check it out and let you know 

pls do. this is why these courses were created

Yes I follow your fb posts and I was quite impressed by the Kraken bot results

Thanks but they are back to normal of smaller percent moves today but you can control the losses via programming.

That’s what I want to learn because with automation the trade execution process becomes very rapid, I know a guy he made decent money with a single trade when a new coin on binance was launched and I think some people must have made money today as well with the C98 token

Some do but Binance appears to be legitimately question. I am not seeing the same problems with Kraken.

Alright I’ll stick with Kraken, I mostly did trades on binance because of the volume I do have a kraken account but haven’t really used it

i like Binance too but could not understand the forced $150 – $1000 minimum orders to get fills. The higher they force, the more commission they make. So yes, I do believe there were shenigans with Binance.

Yes I agree with you even I am facing a withdrawal issue they have restricted my account for no reason and constantly ask me for deposit proof and other documents I am just doing small trades now so I will try out Kraken just to be safe

I would recommend transfer from Binance to Kraken crypto to crypto  with a coin like XRP/Ripple. Get your $ in 10 minutes with low low fees.

If you want automated trading with your programming skills to customiz  ing the trading result, consider this service before the price goes up:


Source code client trading script are available for:

First version of Python trading client script

Risk management to track trading Profit and Loss for the day

Note that the live trading is close to working with Kraken and Cointracking.info for verification. I do think I will be close to winding down these discounts I have in place over the last few weeks.
Lowest monthly cost you will get https://quantlabs.net/shop/product/quant-analytics/

50% discount applied https://quantlabs.net/shop/product/quant-analytics-subscription-6-month-promo/

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As you know with the crazy restrictive emergency laws being introduced in the last week, many moving their savings out of FIAT banks into cryptocurrency trading.

Here are some questions to get your started:

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