How to set daily target in trading based on Kelly Criterion and these links

Here is the links I speak in this Youtube. It is a general tutorial from a high level with no purpose to show my source code. I might put some demos of this in my ELITE service Get on our daily newsletter with some free PDFs Ensure to see our proprietary news See […]

Algo trading with cryptocurrency FREE course s

Here is an online Facebook conversation I had with someone about algo trading benefit with cryptocurrency. I have listed 2 free courses people who want to reap benefits of legal cryptocurrency algo trading. See below for the courses to test your ability with trading and automation. Hey Bryan, how are you doing? I had a […]

Say hello my cryptocurrency third verification Cointracking service

This third party verification is back to track all crypto currency trading on Kraken. Am I the only service that does that? I go through this entire account and what you can expect. This is why I am not keeping all my current discounted prices forever. You better jump on these services right away! Don’t […]

New Kraken trading bot return 14% in first 6 hours

Don’t get excited as I have been here before. First, this is paper trading with real market data as well I have seen many new bots do amazing on their first day. It needs goes south after a few days but we shall see with the new one.It is off to a good start compared […]