New format for this Interactive Broker API Programming course for mainstream asset classes

(Last Updated On: June 4, 2021)

As price will triple soon as it way to cheap to support! New format for this Interactive Broker API Programming course for mainstream asset classes

Here are the new course options


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his global broker is number one for all major asset classes. It is also global across all major markets with universal support for major programming languages.

Be in Demand with #1 Retail Trading Broker

Gain real professional level experience with mainstream asset classes from around the world.

Dr. ‘Open Source Code’-y — Founder & CEO.

1. Build Relevant Skill

Learn how to algo/automate trade with the most in demand languages including Java, C++, Python, etc. Interactive Brokers covers all mainstream asset classes including equity, future, options, retail forex, bonds, etc.

2. Get The Right Path From The Best Learning Platform

3. Learn From The Professionals

10+ Years experience with 3rd verified account performance. Real Trader with live money not just coder analyzing with non stop back-testing.

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