Why i cannot support Coinbase the scammers anymore

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

I can no longer support Coinbase. They are scammers as the executives have sold majority of shares. I have posted the amount on my private chat server but it is from a. Facebook post.
It could be theory but due to the huge amount of lawsuits and no customer support, I am not surprised

My SMS verification code took over 3 hours to deliver which is way longer than other services. This is usually within 2 minutes but 3 hours? Don’t forget they never respond to my support tickets ever. This is a very dangerous crypto exchange to be on which cannot be trusted. Their coin selection sucks as well with too high 0.5% commission fee. Binance is 0.1% vs Kraken is 0.16%

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Saw this on a Facebook post. Is this true?

Saw this on a Facebook group:

Coinbase vs Bitcoin?

Look at this disgrace:

CFO just dumped 100% of his stock

CPO dumped 97%

CEO -71%

President -63%

Chief Accountant -86%

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