Tips from Binance API Telegram channel Exceptions of LOT_SIZE and Insufficient Funds

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2021)

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See below for my searched on this link above.

Jeremy is admin at Binance API Telegram channel

This appears to be faster than the usual support which apparently takes a couple of day!

Some snippet from Telegram regarding the exceptions of LOT_SIZE and Insufficient Funds. It sounds like it is quite rampant but you need to increase the quantity/amount size. It appears tp be now over $100. I still need to see what it is

David Daverio, [Apr 8, 2021 at 2:58:05 PM]:
Got a ping at 0.8 ms, then you can ask binance to flag your IP to bypass lot of crap to lower your latency, but not sure if you need an instutional account. Best is contact the market making program (and you even can get negative fees…)

But you need a bit of volume for this…

i need to find what is going with these stupid exceptions. only binance support can answer it. i got a couple grand in the spot wallet, and it is not filling a $80 order
admin 00:35:33
as said, they were working fine a few hours ago
admin 00:36:57
have you had any problems with binance support?
Sikani1 left…
admin 01:28:21
i have to say we are not the only ones having these problems according to the Binance ApI Telegram channel: Saneee, [Apr 7, 2021 at 10:28:12 AM]: …ith Binance API Today I participated in ALICE token launch. My bot spotted ALICE at 06:00:00,092 UTC. I used MARKET BUY with quoteOrderQty = 0.0124 I tried market buy 3 t
admin 01:29:48
…..one guys says it is volatility on the coin…..Same error for me too on TKO. 5 times LOT_SIZE failure and im pretty sure its due to quoteOrderQty
admin 01:30:43
i will post more as i find more. you can search for LOT_SIZE on this telegram channel
admin 01:30:44
Yes, their server method calculates how much TKO quantity is in quoteOrderQty, and fails
admin 01:31:59
When market is highly volatile, the calculated quantity based on given quoteOrderQty and the latest new price change, can fail the LOT_SIZE filter, the quantity might be too low.
admin 01:33:13
yo oy, [Apr 7, 2021 at 11:33:27 AM]: btw for new listed coins, MIN_NOTIONAL filter will be trigger with market order & quoteOrderQty as the newly listed coin does not have a x min average price? Aisling, [Apr 7, 2021 at 11:34:17 AM]: The official api endpoints for public use are the ones available in the api doc…
admin 01:34:24
one solution is to use a higher amount ….well that gets risky
admin 01:36:01
That it‘s better to use an higher amount
admin 01:36:35
Use a higher quoteOrderQty? How does that help eliminate server side issues with calculating quantity to purchase during high volatility
admin 01:36:46
Any admins know a solution to this. Or is this out of our hands since quoteOrderQty is server sided
admin 01:37:46
When you use quoteOrderQty, the exchange tries to figure out a quantity that satisfies all of the filters given the current market price. If the quote quantity is too small, the amount of the base asset that it can buy (or be sold for) isn‘t enough of the base asset to satisfy the min quantity filter. The higher the
admin 01:38:15
When you use quoteOrderQty, the exchange tries to figure out a quantity that satisfies all of the filters given the current market price.
admin 01:38:41
If the quote quantity is too small, the amount of the base asset that it can buy (or be sold for) isn‘t enough of the base asset to satisfy the min quantity filter. The higher the market price, the more quote quantity that is needed.
admin 01:39:17
Yes but last time i used quoteOrderQty of 500$ Highest $ALICE price was 60$ So even if i bought at highest price, i would get 8 – 9 $ALICE
admin 01:39:38
think that problem is still at server side Server calculates stepSize, price changes every few miliseconds, same with data… then first method calculates real quantity, calls method to execute buy but stepSize is already changed
admin 01:40:02
i prefer using quoteOrderQty instead of calculating the quantity / price by my self…
admin 01:40:32
If it‘s error thrown from binance server, it won‘t go to exception as from python perspective there‘s no exception. Suggest you print out the response directly
admin 01:42:48
admin 01:45:43
also confirmed about the tokyo datacenter choice: to Tokyo, the market order takes 10-13ms, but the transfer and borrowing is 230-400ms
admin 01:51:08
oh no: hi, due binance support are not responding for some days…



I wouldn’t call this a problem, it’s natural to receive LOT_SIZE failure if the given quoteOrderQty is too low, which originates a quantity that’s lower than the min allowed quantity rule.

Therefore, unfortunately there’s not much that can be done, you need to provide higher quoteOrderQty if you want to reduce LOT_SIZE failure messages or wait for a less volatile market to calculate quoteOrderQty or as you’ve mentioned, use the quantity parameter.

Can there be liquidity factoe as well?

testnet might not have enough liquidity on this symbol. Try BNBUSDT?


Even the expert insiders agree about increasing the quantity:

…The minimum trade sizes are being inflated (in USDT terms) due to the bull market, so I suspect it’s that. As the price of COIN rises, the fixed minimum order size in terms of COIN becomes higher and higher in terms of USDT. If that is indeed the problem you’ll either need to increase your sizes or Binance needs to decrease their minimum requirements to keep up with the market prices. If you’re using ‘quoteOrderQty’ you could try specifying ‘quantity’ instead and setting it to the minimum for that coin to be sure that you’re always above it.

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