MotiveWave automated cryptocurrency strategies coming with support for USA residents via Kraken

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2021)

It seems that I will turn some MotiveWave studies into fully active strategies. I plan to do this based on the past demos I have shown when it comes to day trading certain cryptocurrency coins that this new bot will not pick up. I am also looking at some mean reverting or oscillating strategies since this has been the latest behavior with the bigger coins like ETH and BTC.

I can also expand support for USA residents using Kraken with MotiveWave. This platform will be a requirement to make this support happen. I will not suggest Coinbase due to their excessive commission fees.   

I will also be building out an engaging community via my Private Chat server and Telegram channels to notify people of moving coins. Live Zoom session will also be more frequent.

Also, remember I will be able poste MotiveWave analytical files via the repository feature which can be instantly downloaded.

Exciting times ahead indeed

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