Let us explore Bryan’s cryptocurrency portfolio performance via Cointrackinginfo verified account

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(Last Updated On: April 9, 2021)

So here it is. The actual high performing 3rd party verified crypto account from CoinTracking.info. This highlight how from this account went from $200 to over $5100 in 2 years. No additional capital was added over this time.

The new standards are set! If your fave trading guru is not open showing their trades near REAL TIME, I would consider them losers and/or some pathetic scammer ripping you off! I set the standards now that people have wanted so here it is. Do not even use some verified account from yesterday. It needs to be from today! No excuses, Why would you want to trade from some lemming or non technical dodo that does not get that cryptocurrency is the #1 asset class out there. Not only that, it is the future of money. Also if their verified reports are from yesterday, they don’t know how to automate their their daily trading, nor know how to properly manage it.

Moving forward, I will set this service on Cadillac premium pricing. I am sure the cry babies and skeptics will cry their tears, but TBH it is time for payback for last the years to get me here. Time is ticking to get your deal now!!!

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