Isolated People in Africa never give up to learn algo trading and programming with biggest challenge

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2021)

It amazes me in the West whine about what we have as opportunity but self pricks here always forget about what smart and motivated people are doing in Emerging Markets like Africa. Note what this biggest challenge for this person.

These are questions from this http://quantlabs.net/questions

3. What is your biggest challenge in any form of trading?  How do you plan to overcome it?

My biggest challenge is knowledge and data acquisition from the right sources. All I know about trading is self-taught and it makes the learning curve very long and frustrating without the right kind of mentorship. The journey is a very lonely one especially in our part of Africa where there isn’t anything like meet-ups for like-minded people to share ideas. I’m a very ardent reader; most times I read all the “wrong” stuff before I finally get hands on the right knowledge. But I believe I can only over the knowledge gap by persistent learning, doing, failing and trying again after learning from my mistakes. The goal is to not give up.

4. If you could overcome or find a solution for your challenge(s), what would you end up doing? How would you reward yourself?

I would take up trading full time and with time the dream is to impart the knowledge to the African youth; where opportunities are relatively scarce so they can be independent.

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