ABANDONING USA Crypto Coinbase and Kraken exchanges

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2021)

US Based Coinbase or Kraken Tech Support still waiting…. Coinbase 800 support phone number is only used for when accounts are hacked.

Complicated tech (questionable fills on Krake

Visa debit seems not to work

No futures on Kraken for Ont Canada and Coinbase has 10 limited coins on spot in Canada

Very restricted coin selection and seems to set up for failure

Kraken and Coinbase Volume is so low compared to Binance

Some pros for Kraken and Coinbase but not worth pursuing anymore for automation as compared to Binance.com for both spot and futures. Binance.com  not worth for options since it seems more binary. I guess I am saying I will be going all in with Binance futures and spot

 Binance.com does not take American but could try to synch with low volume Binance.us.

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