Pathetic slow support and API export of Kraken continues

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2021)

Oh man, this is pathetic. For the money they make. This is a support response for why my Kraken trade updates don’t happen as fast Binance. Here is the response from my 3rd party verification service. I am still waiting for 5 day support ticket response from them. Very pathetic indeed.

Since Kraken is currently completely overloaded, both CSV and API exports take up to 48 hours (info according to Kraken website). Kraken knows the problem and is working on it. However, we don’t know how long it will take them to adapt their infrastructure. This means that when we start an API call at Kraken, it sometimes only takes a few seconds for the data to be delivered and sometimes it takes 2 full days. The good thing is that you can request an API export from Kraken and later check whether it is ready. That’s exactly what we built in this week. This means that we are currently sending a request to Kraken and waiting 10 minutes for the data. If the data is not there after 10 minutes, we try again once an hour until the data is transferred from Kraken. ​
The Kraken CSV export has the same problem (I suspect Kraken uses the same server for API and CSV exports). We really hope Kraken will make improvements here. Other exchanges are also busy at the moment, but 48 hours for an export is extremely slow.  
Until then, I can only ask for your patience.

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It looks like Coinbase does not have the same problem. Again from Cointracking.info support:

no, Coinbase does not have a data export issue right now, but it does not provide the extra wallet data via API yet.

So Kraken support responded after 5 days with a generic useless response. They also want to be valued with a 10 billion IPO but do not care about their customers at this point.

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