Detailed Quant Elite courses with videos

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2021)

Here is a brief description of each course found in the Quant Elite program.

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Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency

Interactive Brokers API Workshop Bootcamp in with Java Python C__ Redis demos

This course is designed to help those interested in susing Interactive Brokers with an NOSQL database like Redis. There are coding simple coding demos in Java, C++, and Python. It also focuses on demonstrading operating systems like Apple MacOS and Linux.

Arbitrage Pair Trading with Equities course

This is the first time I have showed this as it has been re-activated a few years ago. This course is part of my Quant Elite service. It basically walks you the process of what career traders does to research market regions and sectors for potental industries. Once identified, there is an involved process to find strongest and weakest companies to find arbitrage opportunities. I also cover the mechanics of positions managment, stats, R-squared, implied volatility and Kelly Criterion.

Evolution of Zero to Hero Trading Strategy course detail

Here is a course to help you debug/tweak/optimize your trading strategy. This is does involve machine learning or backtesting.

Algo Indie Trading Business Course Futures Options Algos

This course is designed to help those interested in systemating their fiuture or options forumlaa and strategies.

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