Digital Ocean RDP VM vs cloud vs Docker containter

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(Last Updated On: January 14, 2021)

There are basically 3 server deployment options as explained below. The Linux set option is horrendous. Cloud is better but still complicated. Screw it, I will be lazy to just set up a remote desktop environment via an Ubuntu Linux server on Digital Ocean.

Setting up Flask app on Heroku cloud. My traditional don’t have the necessary software (e.g. Gunicorn) nor will support it. It is time to move this.

Using packages and Pip (Cheeseshop?)

HIgh level options to deploy–flask-project

As you can see in this mega tutorial chapter 17-19, highlight the different deployment options of Linux, Heroku, and Docker. I think Heroku is most logical and easiest with minimal amount of work. Linux is tough like in my case espescailly if your hosting company offers limited support. It seems Docker container hosting can be very expensive but easy to deploy from server to server.

I like the Docker options since the app is in a self contained container which can be transported from server to server quite easily. Here are some hosting options:

I just discovered this: Create a remote desktop virtual machine as with Ubuntu Desktop Linux. This is possible with Digital Ocean as with here:

Digital Ocean take Paypal as I like as well.

Heroku got quite a few set up of upvotes when mentioned which is encouraging. I do like the idea of turning a ‘cheap’ virtual machine into a Docker container to have it hosted somewhere.  I wonder if

Heroku also take Paypal out of convenience.

Heroku vs AWS (just go to the verdict at the bottom)


You always hear about this serverless. Here is a good article with Amazon’s AWS

This guys articles are definitely top notch when it comes to Flask technology.

(as I hinted before, you would want to stay away from this proprietary tech so you are no held hostage to AWS. Can your say Parler anyone?) It is an interesting read though.

From a career perspective, knowing these Python technologies can help your career since it is the most popular for web development.
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