Can you do high frequency trading on a retail trading platform

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(Last Updated On: January 23, 2021)

I take  stab to answer these questions from someone on my email list. It is in concern with platforms and high frequency trading

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I discovered you while I was researching more info about MotiveWave 

I use a variety of software however have no 1 perfect system..

Motivewave is the closest however.  I’ve never owned a PC and don’t plan to if I can avoid it – however Ninja does seem to have the most dedicated attachments etc.

Main question I’d like to ask is about high speed order execution.

Do you know any system that can layer quickly multiple orders within a certain price range and have predefined TP build in iso as to execute fast / easy and then repeat again identically – 30 seconds later..

Appreciate your time.

I’m mainly a harmonic pattern trader on US indices and Crypto.

However i’d like to capitalise more on the HTF fast frequency activity in the zones where I know price has a very fast reaction.

Manually its just not possible to execute and compete.

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