Access to the Private Chat server for paying customers

If you want to continue the private conversation I have on my social media, please read on.  This legacy social media includes my  Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp chat group, Youtube, Twitter, etc. So get access the the QLN Private Chat Serer

 As a result, I am planning to leverage the power of my private chat server instead of a Discord server. It is just another item I have to administer so I am wanting use the private chat server instead.  This private chat server does not track or log anything that you would find on social media. Also, you can have private 1 on 1 conversations with each other to pass highly confidential info if needed. It is where I go for such discussions. These are pretty big benefits.

As I said, I am planning to either no longer post new content and close my Whatsapp chat group in the next week or so. In order to keep the communication going, I am turning this whole thing into a private membership at a very affordable  one time cost. It will give you access to the chat server for life.    

In addition to this one-time fee, you could get access to the web version of my Trade Like a Boss DVD where the details are here https://quantlabs.net/dvd/

Once purchased, there is an additional set of instructions to get access to the Private Chat Server. So as a result, it is really only PAYING customers.

Why am I doing this?  Over the years I have felt it separates the boys from the men. It seems that free seeking tire kickers can bring down the quality of groups. Also, they are usually chasing a shiny toy as well as they have an attention span of a paramecium. Do I also have to mention the annoying spammers in this social media stuff as well?

As a result, it brings in a higher quality of folks who take their craft seriously. They also are of higher engaging which is exactly the kind of crowd I seek.

If you are one of these free seeking lovers who cannot afford a couple of bucks for all this access in the link provided, that is ok. If you don’t want the extra goodies provided, that is ok to. I will tell you there is always a smaller higher engaging crowd who will want to be part of this.

Again, you can get access to the Private chat server via this link  with all the extra goodies offered

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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As you know with the crazy restrictive emergency laws being introduced in the last week, many moving their savings out of FIAT banks into cryptocurrency trading.

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