Would you like trading bot client on a Python Digital Ocean droplet?

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(Last Updated On: December 1, 2020)

I am trying to gauge if people want their trading bot clients for the Quant Analytis to be deployed on Digital Ocean as according to these instructions:



Let me know ASAP

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More notes from others

Overall review for Linode which seems pricy
Linode not as from this Reddit this review.

Vultr (better infrastructure)

It seems cheap with the cloud option but will get scared expensive with usage fees
https://www.vultr.com/products/cloud-compute/#pricing (priced similar to my own provider)

Digital Ocean (seems ok)
I worry about security on this so it is really not an option. They also charge by the droplet which would be $5 so I don’t think that would work.


A good way to find a hosting company is here https://www.webhostingtalk.com/

About my hosting pick:
it is basic but I know knownhost and tested everything. I find it is worth for the fast support, good tech, etc. one thing I worry about these big 3 is security. i have been with 5+ years on knownhost and never had a problem

Here are the POSITIVE review for known host


Would this be better options (thanks to someone on my private chat server)


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