Is c++ a benefit with Interactive Brokers or IB API?

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2020)

Is c++ is to the benefit Interactive Brokers?

Here is a valid question from someone on my Shopify store so let me answer this. It is about using c++ with Interactive Brokers or IB API

Hello, While maybe interested in what you have available here i have just a few questions, if you will.  I’m not great with coding yet, but know the basics. Getting IB API up and working in c++ , just getting a simple live quote, is proving to be a bit much. Could you help with that?  Also when wondering about security and privacy, is c++ a good idea? (windows) Getting quotes into excel with the IB API is easy enough, but uses JAVA and i’ve been told that java is a bad idea to have on my computer. Also using Visual Studio, now that they send telemetry to Microsoft, is that a good idea? I picture some person with mustard on their shirt stealing my info, and if i’m going to put a lot of time into it, well you know.  As for python i wouldn’t know. Am i in the right place?  Thanks

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