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(Last Updated On: November 26, 2020)
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Binance crypto market exchange overview (this includes Python script to be posted soon)

Binance register deposit and API access keys

Technical Python client programming

Description on trading signal emails


Subject: CRYPTO SIGNAL 25-Nov-2020 (01:17:54.931909) ALPHAUSDT **ENTRY**

Body: Wed Nov 25 01:17:54 2020,ALPHAUSDT,13,5,0.25852,-1,-0.25852,-0.00025852000000000004


Subject: CRYPTO SIGNAL 25-Nov-2020 (01:19:06.069545) SUSHIUSDT **EXIT**

Body: Wed Nov 25 01:19:06 2020,SUSHIUSDT,3,1.4033,23.12138728323699,1.4053,32.44624277456647,0.032446242774566474,32.4137965317919

Demo on trading signal emails

This is a quick demo to show you how this trading bot client that receives of email signals to trading automatically on your behalf. This works with both Kraken exchange (for BTC and ETH) and Binance futures.


I use AnyDesk for remote desktop support

I need to manually add you to the list of emails once your membership is set up.

It is recommended to have a dedicated email for only email signals (entry and exit). Expect up to 200-300 per day depending on the market conditions and volume.

Strongly recommend a fast internet with a dedicated computer where Python 3.6.4 is installed with  a customer script to receive email signals and trade on your behalf.

Intro to Windows command prompt and Python pip with Mac demo

Deploy Python tools on PC or virtual machine

Notes about Email Delivery service and options:

  1. I talk about speed and being anonymous for email. Some further options one could look at is Proton mail or (by NameCheap for $12/year). Each one will have different options for IMAP configuration when you subscribe.
  2. For whatever service you choose, you will need ensure that our sending email needs to be white listed to appear normal in your inbox for the client Python script.
  3. The preferred way is through a custom domain where you have ABSOLUTE control over spamming rules you or your hosting provider sets. This is set within CPanel Email of any hosting service you choose. Some options could be chosen here for $3 a month!
  4. Let’s say you go with Hostgator (just a random pick), you could set up your custom email as instructed here. Email configuration settings as in port and email server are described. Whichever hosting provider you go with, their support team most likely will be able to help you get this enabled. The client Python only needs to know the server to connect to (e.g., port (usually 993), and your email and password to authenticate.

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How to stay Synchronized with MotiveWave Repository

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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