Would Zorro Project for algo trading work with my signals



(Last Updated On: September 14, 2020)

It is hard to say but it looks like this possible to work with Zorro Project for algo trading. My bot creates CSV, DOC/DOCX, and XLS/XLSX files. Apparently , there is an Python bridge to this platform. From I could see it is written in C which is open source as well. It has a connector into Binance and other popular crypto exchanges as well. I am looking for any comments from people based on their experience.

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Some links about this project






Zorro has also an api conection to coinigy:

Here is the best video to demonstrate this platform

And even more

check it out this one:

from this series:


The person who asked about this said there is no backtrading so you could use this but it may overly complicate things


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