USB flash drive with videos and books on market investing for beginners

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2020)
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Here is the full description of our USB product with the formal title of: USB flash drive with videos and books on trading and python learning videos to live like the wolf of wall street. This is aimed at market investing for beginners

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USB flash drive with videos and books on trading and python learning videos to live like the wolf of wall street


A usb flash drive that contains trading videos and investing books. This improves day trading based on a set of secretive stock market tools. This usb stick would make a great combo of christmas presents in one. It is ideal using good economics for hard times.

Learning topic ranges from those who want stock market investing for beginners to an automation book to enhance your technical analysis.

This memory stick does not focus on complex option trading nor lackluster penny stocks. Note that there is no reliance on chart patterns or crazy robinhood investing tips! This can be used as a beginners guide to stock market to become one of a few market wizards. Ultimately this guides to build generation wealth slowly. It would easily make you one of the smartest guys in the room at any trading event. It also helps eliminate a dangerous random walk down wallstreet. Build financial intelligence in your capability! Create a side hustle by using a simple 80/20 principle for lucrative instrument trading choices.

An optional 7 day trial for a service is offered to do cryptocurrency or bitcoin day trading without being chained to a machine. Minimize your analysis based on supplied market data. Statistical and data mining is handled behind the scenes. Optional Python program can be used to synchronize any market order. Do you want to take part of this digital gold to be one of the few Bitcoin billionaires ?

All of this content helps trade your way to financial freedom. Overtake investment banking to no longer experience the power of broke. Be pro active to follow the smart money to go where the hot order flow goes. All of this material was built from scratch based on statistical learning and time series analysis. As a result, there is no trading programming required which is all based on a smart investment strategy.

Bullet Point #1

Build a trading machine that will help signal the big short in real time. All content is delivered on a usb memory stick aka jump drive.

Bullet Point #2

Videos on an asset class that robert kiyosaki of rich dad poor dad claimed was “people’s money”. Video lessons on day trading, python programming, computer science, technical analysis, swing trading, price action, etc.

Bullet Point #3

Trial to 7 day trading service with automation that instantly implements price action trading, japanese candlestick charting techniques, and charting and technical analysis. Simple risk management goal used to build a lucrative trading journal.

Bullet Point #4

Bonus investing books that showcase stock market investing for beginners and technical analysis of stock trends. There is no complex machine learning, data science, linear algebra, monte carlo nor fancy options trading needed.

Bullet Point #5

Quickest path without reading finance books. No more falling for forex trading or boiler room scams. All content will make you an intelligent investor where dave ramsey would be impressed! Gain back control over your personal finance to become one of a few market wizards.

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