Note to SciChart founder about current open source trading platform

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2020)
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This was a very friendly query from the Founder of a great charting package called SciChart. This leads into my current thoughts of all these open source trading platform choices out there.

Hey bryan, I made a recorded webinar on algo trading with scichart WPF. Tell me what you think!

thanks Bryan, we’re working still on connecting to Binance futures. I am considering to open-source this framework at some point (will require scichart to work).

What sort of features do you think are most important

From Me as Bryan:

I think this is really good for those in the .NET and Windows world. As you know, Python and Javascript is huge. I have used Python with ChartDirector for a few years. I have also used a great platform like MotiveWave for close to a year. As a result, I am not sure if I would be your ideal target market. I can offer this correspondence to both my Facebook in and the my new WhatsApp chat group at You might want to engage there for others opinions.

Let’s see what these folks say since they are more open to tools like what you have developed. Make sense? I could be wrong on what you are about to read but this is my most recent experience over the years.

The most recent challenge software vendors will come up are against with bot development sites like or CyptoHopper. TradingView don’t help neither.  I could include the open source machine learning frameworks (TensorFlow or pyTorch) that offer more choice as well.  There are many other tools/services that make it easier for trading bot development for non-programmers. I see this challenge daily, As a result, people want trading results right away without using any form of work or development. Most trading strategies are provided via third parties to be rated to see what flies. On the other hand, see the most recent evolution of Quantopian mass adoption that lead them to only focus on institutions.

If you really want an open source trading platform, I think it needs to have some form of intelligence to automatically build the result people want which results in instant profit. This means automated strategies need to be built in as a feature as part of a software as a service (SasS) in to overcome this self-entitlement/unrealistic that ‘customer traders’ want.

The other challenge is that if you look at the pricing of these SaaS listed, they are pretty low priced that people are willing to pay for.  Not only that, it seems that these service compete against each other which basically leads to a race to the bottom. .

Scichart is pretty awesome tool that one can leverage off of for in-house trading platform for the target customers you mention at the end of this video.  The other benefit is they are willing to pay top dollar for this type of charting platform you have.

Going into an open source trading platform might be a bigger challenge since you are trying to tap into an audience that might not be willing to pay the same top dollar I am sure you deserve. As mentioned, you have a huge selection of trading platforms, open source frameworks like Backtrader, or the mentioned 3rd party SaaS solutions to consider.

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