Trading online meeting jun 29 with Hang Seng index

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(Last Updated On: June 29, 2020)

Here a bunch of topics I posted from the listings I had. You can see them here with link with Hang Seng index outlook

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Renaissance’s $10 Billion Medallion Fund Gains 24% Year to Date in Tumultuous Market

Jim Simons’s algorithm-run firm has outperformed most funds so far this year

 How the coronavirus may deliver a shock to the US dollar

he US dollar value looks artificial. I am kinda eyeing accepting payments in Euros instead

Day traders will have fun until they wiped out

It will definitely happen. Trading is hard and takes a lot of time to learn how to or takes a lot of data in different Escenarios because some models work and stop working depending on market conditions, and they always change eventually

I disagree, take Hertz for example, media heavily focuses the influence from robinhood traders, however, there were big institutions went long after the filing of bankruptcy reorganization

The shorter the time period, the more noise to signal. The more noise to signal, the less reliable any trading method based on the signal is, and the closer to random chance/walk, and more likely to lose. Having said that, love the challenge!


$3,000 gold price no longer target; it’s now $10,000 when Fed’s assets collapse

this is bad, really bad but the dollar is backed by debt so it is bound to happen

Hang Seng Index Challenges Key Resistance, Gold Prices Climb

Note: This i just crossed but this index is up 0.7% which I did not expect

As discussed in an earlier report, the draft of Hong Kong’s security law is unlikely to bring a material impact to the Hang Seng Index, which is heavily weighted toward mainland corporations. In fact, the implementation of a national security may even …

Two years ago, I used Sharpe Ratio to screen HSI composite stocks. Only 388 and 700 were identified as long term picks with reference to 10 years historical data. 11 and 2388 were identified as the other marginal choices. All others were nothing but sh…

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that is a good filtering technique so thanks for sharing

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