USA is like Stage 4 Cancer dying non working patient with a no limit credit card

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(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

These numbers from are staggering. Then you listen to all these fools on the major media try to spin into some form of optimism is so unrealistic. The unemployment rate vs working is NOT what you are hearing. They don’t mention about how 123M are carrying 200M who are not even working. These same people are not even counted as being unemployed puts the country well into more than 50% not working. I don’t get these idiotic stats. Watch this video to see how dire this really is. There are more than 2x on food stamps than millionaires. This is not sustainable. Other Western democratic countries are not doing much better. Worst not mentioned is artificial intelligence nor robots replaces a lot more jobs/careers.

You would wonder what can you do? Can anyone say cryptocurrency ?

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I call this a double butt hurt!

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