Python with Flask RESTful Django or SQLAlechemy with WordPress authentication

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2020)

As I keep testing this bot, a major part of the communication failed. This makes it unreliable so I started looking at alternative for more stable solutions. This includes in developing with WordPress authentication.

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My pick also comes down to if I can install whatever Python onto my remote cloud server.

If you look at this Python 2019 survey, it seems that Flask is slightly more popular than Django. As a result I go with Flask for now.

Django vs Flask



It seems SQLAlchemy as an ORM (like Java Hibernate) might be useful but compared to other options, this might be more overkill



There WordPress API Python package


As for Flask, this is the most sensible to go with since it is much simpler to set up. I like the curl and request package options.


Here is a more advanced example


Flask offers real time notifications to https://flask-notifications.readthedocs.io/en/latest/


This seems to work https://flask-socketio.readthedocs.io/en/latest/


There is also Flask Sockets options as well

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Note these other packages:

It is only matter of taste – 200 sessions (even all active) it is not a challenge either for Tornado, aiohttp, gevent. I personally prefer Tornado and aiohttp over gevent, Twisted…

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