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(Last Updated On: April 14, 2020)
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Here is the tutorial page of this Analytics service with live trading signals which can also automatically trading on your behalf while you even sleep!

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Here is the email response from a newsletter subscriber:

I’m interested in participating in your autonomous crypto stock scanner.

I have some reasonable prior experience of crypto trading and am an ex professional developer by trade.  The technical requirements of setting up the client side Python etc. should not be a problem.

Currently my trading is mainly focused on US day trading stocks.  Crypto is of interest given the volatility.  I have a keen interest in automating some simpler trade strategies based on simple candle patterns.  RIght now it’s as much out of technical/intellictual interest than making large sums of money.  I’ve been learning strategy/back testing using the  QuantConnect.  I’ve also seen a number of signal services and bots within the crypto space so have a sense of the pros/cons within the area in general.

Essentially I see your system of interest for small passive income.  Reviewing your videos and P&L it does appear positive.  There isn’t a lot of data to go on and I think I’d want to move quickly to giving the bots higher capital with which to trade.  As a consumer of your service there has to be a sensible return to pay for the service and, more importantly, the time put into management/review at my side.  I’ve found liquidity with some coins to be an issue.  Getting enough size in an order to make it worthwhile sometimes is challenging.

As an aside, I’ve been looking into your suggestion of MotiveWave.  Objective being to find a tool which relatively quickly allows algos to be created and trialed in a non-programatic way.  It appears hugely comprehensive but more focused on advanced elements like Elliot wave variations.  My planned algos are simple bar based strategies related to simple double bottoms, 3 bar plays etc.  I mention this purely for background.

Anyway, the bottom line is I’d like to try out the service.  It’ll be my ignorance I’m sure but I’m not clear from the videos and shop page.  Visiting dispays a page wihtout menus, I did see a link somewhere in another mail I think.

If you let me know next steps in terms of cost, setup etc. I’ll look at progressing a purchase.

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