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I got a very long email response pertaining to crypto trading signals with Python. I refer to this signal service at

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Regarding  I am wondering if you have a knowledge in Python to set up a client script to received trading signals and execute order immediately for you within this script. I am trying to find out:I don’t know if you remember, but i basically asked this exact same question to you via email about 2 years ago.I don’t know if you remember, but you also used my questions in your Q&A on your website.There are MANY people out there (such as myself), who’s lives are just too busy to fit everything in that they want to do but are interested in getting returns from cryptocurrency trading.What they need is someone with the Intelligence & Experience & Expertiseto put something together where they can leverage off this persons Insights and Research & Back-Testing so they can make money in the cryptocurrency trading world.When i put this idea to you, there was probably only 1 or 2 companies doing that where they had a signal service.Unfortunately i lost money because they were greedy & did not properly vet the people they recommended us to follow – these so called “Trading Masters”.Initially they had a 3 month time frame where if a person wanted to be employed as a “Master” they would have to have at least 3 months of PROVEN RETURNS before recommending us to follow their signals.But because there were so many people wanting to sign up to this monthly paid service, the company got greedy & & changed the rule to 1 month for Masters then let them in to start giving out signals.As a result a lot of people lost a LOT of money & they shut the service down.Now 2 years later there are quite a few companies that offer a trading signal service.
So here’s my best advice to you and my honest feelings about being a follower of you & being a part of your email database.While i don’t read every single email that you send out – I think you definitely know your stuff.I get a good feeling that you have lots of Intelligence in this area and that you definitely have the Experience & Expertise in Python.However, building a SUCCESSFUL Trading Signals Service is another thing – because it needs to be Easily Accessible by people around the world.When i was with the other company, it was a Text Based signal service & once you got the text reccomendation to buy a stock or cryptocurrency, it was hours old because i was in Australia & the text came in at 3am my time while i’m asleep so those signals were useless to me.But it was a really EASY system to use you could get into a trade in 3  clicks.So here’s some advice that i hope will help you (in no order):1). Think about the time differences for all your signal subscribers around the worlda). For me in Australia I would like to get signals from 6am – 10pm at the latest. All other signals after these times are useless to me.b).  You could have a tick box so those people who want to receive signals from 10pm – 6pm  Australian time, can tick the box to get them, as a lot of people are awake during these timesc).  Remember to factor in that Saturday & Sunday in one part of the world, happens in different days in other parts of the world.  
2). Have different levels of service within your signal servicea). EG Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum   (Bronze is basic & Platinium is 5 Star Service).b).  You could also break down your signal service into the different Time Intervals that someone would be in the market for  EG: Some people are looking for tips on which cryptocurrencies that can get IN & OUT of quickly – where they can just nip a bit of profit out of the market in a short time.Other people want to stay medium term in the marker for a bit more profit.Other people after happy to stay longer term in the market for the opportunity to get even more profit.c). You could have different levels of risk for your trading signals from safe/conservative to slightly more risky but with bigger potential of returnd). Recommend a minimum amount of spend for each trade  
e). Just a thought about the Platinium service – these are your Personal Hand-Picked Signals – the one you are personally going to trade yourself.Generally these signals are the safest signals you can pick, to get a return of money.The Platinium signals might have a more in depth breakdown of WHY you’ve picked this particular trade, the target of Entry & Exit, possible length of time in the trade etc etc
3). You need to spell out your Experience & Expertise for all to seea). This is extremely important !   People want to see the “WHY” – Why should i risk my money on this trading signal service ?Explain the amount of years you’ve been doing this & all the other great things about your Expertise & Experience etc etc etc.  Your path of experience from when you started out till now, your Trials & Errors & your Knowledge etc etc is what people want to read & know before being comfortable in putting their money on the table.
4). My message is – if your seriously thinking about doing this – do it properly and with a lot of thought.Don’t just try to put something out there with a minimal amount of work just to get the dollars in.Because the dollars will come in, but once people have a bad experience & lose money etc it will ruin your reputation & people will stay away from you.So put a lot of thought into it & craft it into something specially made for the benefit of your subscribers. Your subscribers come 1st & you come 2nd.If you do it this way you will generate all the money you need !
5). Show all returns (good & bad) for EACH of the levels of Subscriptiona). Show all the Wins & the LossesThis is what is really going to sell it !If it was me personally doing this, as there are no “subscriber examples” to show at the moment – I would set aside 3-6 months of trading & record every win & loss, the dates, times, entries, exits etc etc to build the first foundation of Proof of Trades, so people have some basis of proof from you.This is the catalyst to help them make the choice to invest with you.OR get someone to be your “Guinea Pig” where you feed them signals & they put their own money down for 3-6 months. Use this as the trial to iron out kinks etc in the business.
6). Continiously ask your subscribers for thier advice on how to keep improving the signals servicea). Your subscribers will have a better perspective on how to keep improving the service because they are at the front lines implementing your signals with their own money on the line.
7). Always Remember this statistic: “A Happy customer tells 3 people, an Unhappy customer tells 10 people”8). Get someone around you to help you (a partner etc)  
a). Two intelligent heads are better than one !  The fact is an outside perspective on a problem or an idea, coming from a different brain gives you a different angle of thought that you wouldn’t have thought of.
Ok this email is turning into a book  🙂   so i’m going to answer your questions below.I hope I have helped you in some way with my thoughts and ideas.
Answers to your questions:1).  Would be interest in this sort of service for cryptocurrency trading ?Yes I would
2).  Are you technically capable of setting up of configuring this type of script with Python ?I am definately Not capable.You need to make this process as EASY AS POSSIBLE for me to engage this service – as i am interested !There’s also a LOT of other people in my shoes who are not capable but interested.
3).  If you answer to both of the above, how much are you willing to pay UP TO MONTHLY for this type of service ?Good question: It depends on the LEVEL of service you provide.As explained above, i prefer a Platinium service because it minimizes the risk of the trade to me because the “Master Trader” is trading this exact signal as I am & has detailed all the reasons why, including the entry & exit points & the amount of money to use.This is the safest way for me to trade and MINIMIZE my losses & MAXIMISE my profits.Also understand it’s hard for me to give you a dollar figure on something i haven’t even seen & don’t know any details about or what i’m getting for my money.BUT i would pay $100 USD per month for the Platinium service.The reason why i would pay it is because i am calculating that i would make more than that per month.Over time if my profits are much more than $100 USD per month then i would be happy to pay MORE THAN THAT.That’s why Bryan, if you recommend a trade amount with entry & exit points, then you will know how much all your Platinium subscribers are making and therefore increase the monthly price  because you know they can afford it.if someone is making 4 times than the monthly investment – they would be open to paying more. If you are doing the exact SAME trade & making 4 times more than the monthly investment then you can put it up – because you are tracking all of thier profits & making exactly the same amount of money – You know what i mean !
I hope you have found my email of benefit.

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