Trillion-Dollar Stimulus Jumpstarts Project To Issue Fed Currency On Ether

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2020)
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This is coming. There is no doubt about it. The Fed among other central banks are going digital curency. THis is how they will be able to track all your expenditure. The interesting thing is they may base their blockchain off the latest changes from Ether

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Response from email newsletter reader:

I have seen the activity, yes it is interesting. However unlike conventional crypto currencies, this will be debased at the ‘risk free rate’. They want to move away from cash; however the Government Debt and Bonds will remain the same. Futures were already introduced on conventional crypto currencies for regulation by the CBOE group. Again the Risk free rate set by the ‘Federal reserve is used for the valuation’. There is unfortunately a lot of corruption based around crypto currencies. The government want to intervene and regulate this in a legal way. I don’t believe that economy will change much from a ‘Macro Economic Perspective’. People will always need to borrow money they don’t have to buy thing they cant afford ie, House, Car, Personal Loans, Medical Care, Education and to support the next Generation . The Debt swings and credit cycles will remain the same. I have an analysis and paper, and to be fair the ‘Commodities markets’ will see the most activity for the next 2 years. I have the first Quarter return for the ‘Global Macro Portfolio’ that i was back testing. The fund will have performed as of today +2.56%. The worst single day drop was -11.4% the portfolio recovered quickly, and I have not bought or sold any Assets. The ‘U.S housing market’ will see large volatility as people are struggling to derive income to pay off their mortgages. The government deficit has exploded and income is now derived from the state.
Thanks From; Quantitative Derivative Research Associates.

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