Which crypto coin is best to trade in BTC ETH or USDT

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2020)

AS I can see data in near real time from the Binance Futures market, all coins are traded in USDT also known as Tether. As according to this Cointracking.info screenshot, it might be better to trade the ETH coin for now since it is has been better performance over the last 30 days. I would obviously need to switch it around depending on which coin performs better. For now, it looks like Ether is the easy winner here.

NOTE: The Trading Gods have spoken. it seems you are buying ETH BTC or USDT which means you are shorting. When volatility really kicks in, the trade mentioned above goes against you nor the trading logic will check out. As a result, it is best just to stick with USDT as it is a decent stable coin to minimize the volatility you don’t want. You just need to ensure there is enough volume to get a decent fill in the Binance market unlike other exchanges like Kraken.

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