Some stock market analysis metrics with volume and target

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(Last Updated On: January 12, 2020)

I use this for some metrics in helping for stock market analysis with volume and target

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Premarket scanner

GAP % and certain volume

Set up target (Use support vs resistance)  or apply stop loss  (target $24 up target with potential stop at $2)

Look for base hit and add cushion if you ride out potential more profit



Spread Spread – difference between ask and bid
PcntOffAveVolume Volume % off Average Volume   NoOfTradesToday No. of trades today VolumeRate Volume / minute TradeRate Trades / minute (both from IB and IQFEED)


https://www.qmatix.com/XLQFxDay.htm https://www.investopedia.com/articles/trading/05/playinggaps.asp

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