Foreigners can avoid PDT for USA stock market with Interactive Brokers

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2020)

Big news after a live call with Interactive Brokers. See what they to confirm everything.

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Interactive Brokers all figure in US dollar
PDT rules for foreigners > only USA residents for foreign
Access to Asian exchanges with no limits (or how to) > need permissions for Asian to apply —> during application (no requirement but depends on compliance) ==> based on region eg. ETF or bonds kn certain countries
Funding needed to focus on stock < $10 -> is it possible to use with IB —> based application permission (USA penny stock < $1 /share) regular e.g. $5 trade on 1 single stock for account size < $500 (could be listed as penny stock) No minus account but maintenance fee $100000> no monthly fee
$100K -> $10 mostly fee
$2000< $20/mntth fee
Need certain commission fee
commission fee on trade value fix stock.ETF 0.005 per share with $1 min value per order
or 100 share at $25p er share stock would be $1 commission

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