How to determine which forex pair will move? Does this work?

New discovery. Does this actually work? Let me show you how this could work. Note that this might be temporary as well. Get some free tech trading book Talk to me about your trading Get lifetime access to our private chart server? NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal […]

Access to the Private Chat server for paying customers

If you want to continue the private conversation I have on my social media, please read on.  This legacy social media includes my  Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp chat group, Youtube, Twitter, etc. So get access the the QLN Private Chat Serer  As a result, I am planning to leverage the power of my private chat server […]

Algo Trading Bot with Python – Free 4 hr Course With Example Code Repos

It seems there was an positive reaction to this course. It might limit you on 4 hours, but I have mine that is much longer if you ever want to build highly lucrative crypto or forex trading bot. I am also intending to get it working with Interactive Brokers in coming months. Here is […]

Latest equity curves for cryptocurrency trading bots with annual risk-free rate considered

Here they are with my low kek but MASSIVE results with annual risk-free rate considered Kraken bot with Bitcoin and Ether only date_minus_time 2020-11-11 412.20 2020-11-12 1966.05 2020-11-13 5848.15 2020-11-14 1199.30 2020-11-15 284.35 2020-11-16 3822.05 2020-11-17 8772.30 2020-11-18 5484.90 2020-11-19 171.65 2020-11-20 5025.50 2020-11-21 555.30 2020-11-22 -3962.20 2020-11-23 477.05 2020-11-24 14758.25 2020-11-25 540.85 Returns Equity […]

Python example code with Interactive Brokers Native API

I need to diversify into mainstream instruments and asset classes outside of crypto. I looks at all the major brokers out there,I Just want one since I don’t want to keep uploading personal info to different brokers. Also, it seems they are global in all major markets around the world which is good for me […]

Capital requirements for crypto copy trading with HUGE potential

Here is a video I made about cryptocurrency crypto trading question from someone: Thank you for your information in the zoom meeting the other day. I would like to know your service cost provided and the minimum capital requirement to invest in Crypto. Per our meetup the other day, you told me your system is […]

bitcoin trading bot broke thru total PNL of 10k

bitcoin trading bot broke thru total PNL of 10k ethereum cryptocurrency held it back a bit. This was all done in 5 days when I created this bot for Americans to be use on Kraken future exchange. The win ratio of Bitcoin has been strong so imagine if I started adding leverage. This is a […]

Struggling with Algo trading?

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Would Zorro Project for algo trading work with my signals

It is hard to say but it looks like this possible to work with Zorro Project for algo trading. My bot creates CSV, DOC/DOCX, and XLS/XLSX files. Apparently , there is an Python bridge to this platform. From I could see it is written in C which is open source as well. It has a […]

Gold Silver ratio could be the best long

This instrument of Gold Silver could be the most lucrative with 50% increase outlook. It could double in the next crash. There are some neat forex opportunities including China RMB as well. The source are Oanda CFDs. Free books or learn algo trading Worried about your future with retirement, get this latest USB […]