High Frequency Trading Explained via an exchange only

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2019)
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I love the amateurs (unless you are directly on an exchange) who try to explain what this is (anything for clicks and views) .

New York stock exchange, the largest and most liquid securities market in the world, Here is where a good portion of the world largest companies have their stocks traded amongst millions of investors worldwide ranging from small individual investors, to major banks and financial institutions and even entire countries. This is not the only exchange, there are hundreds of similar exchanges around the world that work to raise capital for productive corporations that will design and build the products of the future. Classic imagery of load bombastic traders in bright uniforms tend to be the images that come to mind when we think of these kinds of exchanges, but the reality today is that most of the action on wall street looks like this.

From the video description

The concept of HFT died a long ago. I have not posted about in a long time. Only the retail trader using some of these techniques will do well for themselves. It is hard to say you do HFT via a retail broker. Pls remember that unless you are on exchange directly like the CME. Until then, you ain’t doing HFT no matter what you think.

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