Goldman Sachs lose top traders to hedge funds

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(Last Updated On: November 13, 2019)

I have put together some articles on what is happening with Goldman Sachs as more people are leaving. Here are some reasons from the first article:

Junior traders have been complaining of a new approach at Goldman Sachs. As the firm focuses on developing stable streams of income from ‘platform’ businesses, volatile trading revenues have gone out of fashion. Insiders complain there’s less interest in generating alpha and more of a focus on pure market making, meaning alpha-generating traders feel they’re better off on the buy-side.


Many seem to be going to Bluecrest but never ask me why. Here are the other articles leading into Goldman is moving into platform based businesses which make sense:



I am still looking for feedback from people on this new physical book I am thinking of self publishing. As said, a darft is in place but I am not willing to move forward unless people comment on what more they would like to see in it. This book proposes to speak about 4 main topics:

  1. Your retirement and future taxes
  2. How to hire a coder
  3. Rise of Bitcoin and crypto currency

It generally will speak of why the benefits of algo trading can help secure your unclear future.

As said, let me know by commenting or responding about this. I will simply quash the idea if I just see clicks and social media likes.

Thanks Bryan

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