Back test is ultimate tool to assess a algo trading strategy

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2019)

Let’s test different strategies and asset classes to see which gives max wins. I even look at individual instruments to offer this. There is no conlusive answer but I do think there is come notes to be taken away from this process of running this back test or walk forward analysis. I am using Motive Wave Optimize tool for this. Like these topics?

Let’s talk about 2 upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

Quant ELITE 2 year subscription ending and removing Analytics

After this sale is completed, expect to see the Quant ELITE being sold for annual term instead of 2. I will also remove the Analytics functionality as well. The Analytics will be a separate membership starting this Tues Dec 3!

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MotiveWave trading platform is off 30%

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More details to come!

Thanks Bryan


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