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(Last Updated On: October 3, 2019)
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I have decided to remove the Track Record/History buttons from the site. You may ask yourself why. It is all due to technical fiascos I have been struggling with these Python scripts. Generating my own track record is not a high priority for me anymore. Even if I wanted to maintain these Python scripts, they always fail to report the latest trading info. It has been third time struggle with this. It has been a major distraction as well.

Even if I was to post my own track performance records, it still be worthless anyways. Why? In a Photoshop and skeptical world, no one believes you anyways. I strongly believe in open transparency so I am intending to post the crypto exchange or forex broker records via third party journaling sites. For instance, this would include  CoinCompare for crypto and maybe MyFXBook for Forex. Third party is optimal since this measures my actual account which is more transparent. When profitable and verifiable broker records can be confirmed by these third party sites, it makes the services I offer much more valuable. This put into you a premium pricing level that is in high demand.

Some folks unknown to me would demand full transparency and easy access to these third party records. Do understand, I will no longer be making these available just to anyone. As certain people are skeptical of who they buy or subscribe from, it is also fair to demand that the same potential customer are worthy to work with. Not all people interested in what I do is an optimal fit for both of us. For instance, if you demand millions overnight for some Bargain Harold rate, I see no reason to call you a customer. You are just operating from an unrealistic view. From my experience, working with these kind of people is not beneficial for either.  

What is required of to seek successful third party track records

Most  people I work with as customers/students are fully aware of what is required to be successful in algo trading. Any college frat boy can offer the same service but always result in poor performance. I know since I talk to many of you about popular and pricey trading education that is worthless. Those potential customers are FULLY aware of the work ethic needed so I will gladly showcase my track record performance with. These same folks are fully entrenched in some successful career or business who seek better guidance of financial security.

Who I definitely don’t want as a customer

There are others who bounce from shiny toy to shiny toy seeking some magical unicorn to give them the riches they seek. Again, these are unrealistic objectives I cannot work with.

There are those who are simply self-entitled potty mouth jerks where I should just handover third party trading performance track records. Think again, I need to know who you are, your current portfolio, what you trade, and what your trading goals. If you choose not to provide this info, I would simply think you don’t have the work ethic I mention above reach long term success.

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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