Forex pair trading arbitrage appears to work with long x short x

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2019)

I am pretty excited to announce that my pair trading/arbitrage/mean reverting strategy may be working for forex. This is with the usual long x short x we all seek! I have found two classic long short combos that are working perfectly for the last three months. I have also found a third combo that sort of works intra day.

As there has been an investment now for the first MetaTrader expert adviser, I am taking this new opportunity more seriously for the second strategy. This means that I am taking this more seriously and so should you.

Also, I am engineering and testing live trading signals for both cryptocurrency and forex trading. This means all material that I have is becoming much more valuable.In the near future, you can expect a huge price increase for everything I do. It is all currently listed at ridiculously low rates. As a result I am now pretty confident to start my heavy Marketing campaigns on social media will be underway. This is because of careful testing to ensure these services actually work. When you also post your trading record with position logs in the last 24 hours, I am the only provider that does this. I will be adding this to third-party journalling websites to add credibility. As a result this will put all current Offered pricing of all my products and services to be priced at much a high premium level.

Please consider this as a warning for those that are sitting on the fence if they should dive into the services I sell. Now is the time to join especially my Elite service since the current subscription time is for three years. I only have 3 slots left at this current rate! This will all come to a quick end as my marketing efforts take hold.

Thanks Bryan

P.S. Here is what I typed on the private chat server:

09:55:45 admin: the pair trading/arbitrage FX is still under development. if this EA work, i would expect the this to be developed as well

13:42:06 admin: from what i have been seeing the with the FX pair trading/arb, it seems that the better cointegrated pairs are working nice. i have been tracking the zscore since aug 1. i would think you can place an order when the zscore>x and dump the combined pairs if zscorex but you dump at 23
13:47:57 admin: dump at 23:23, if you view carefully with 5 day view on tradingview.com, you will clearly see a nice profit opportunity between the two in that time range
13:55:16 admin: if you overlay the combo of the last 5 days of long x short x on tradingview.com, this is working really well
13:55:40 admin: 3 month view is near perfect!
13:59:48 admin: i would say the same for 3month view of long x short x, as for 5day view is it not quite as perfect but pretty damn close.
14:00:23 admin: the next question is when to dump the trade or just load up each on the combined FX pairs. if you levered these up as well, you should be naming your kids after me
14:00:44 admin: the real credit goes to x who helps in the guidance of this strat
14:01:18 admin: once i can figure out the timing of positions, i will definitely be doing a EA for this exciting puppy

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!

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