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(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

Updated tour of Quant Analytics Dashboard

Here are the new options available is this service.

Get Your Goodie ZIP archive of Useful Data Files

These can be applied to all 3 asset classes as described below

These can be applied to all 3 asset classes as described below

Crypto Currency Asset Class from the Kraken Exchange

Use Crypto Rank and Word DOC to assess which way your coins will go
Risk on risk off big 5 crypto to measure volume weighted average
Understanding cryptocurrency watchlist logic
Why technical analysis not needed cryptocurrency bid ask
Example of crypto pairs that cointegrate for pair trading

Forex Asset Class from Oanda Broker

Use forex reports to verify visually compelling indicators. Look at forex rank and Word DOCS
See the pairs with most potential moves based on volume or % move, biggest movers, spread cost, stop loss/take profit target,and stats over multi time frames.
Pair trading with forex for mean reversion cointegration

Long vs short positions for forex trading for trend analysis

Early forex #trading analysis shows 94 percent win ratio with this one pair. This shows the P & L of forex reporting each day.

CFD Asset Class from Oanda Broker

Note it is not recommended to buy any CFD directly but use them for analytical purposes

Use CFD reports to verify visually compelling indicators. Look at CFD rank and Word DOCS

Demonstrating all File Capabililties

2 hour sales presentation of all Analytics files
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