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(Last Updated On: June 30, 2019)

We are coming down to the wire! I am setting a hard line deadline either tomorrow or Monday. You can have two choices including lowest price for Quant Analytics

If you are a non programmer, you have a great choice if you want the absolute lowest price per month:

It is $47/month for the Quant Analytics where I deeply analyze Forex and Crypto Currency with some analysis of CFDs. I also include now the bid vs ask (for crypto currency) and long vs short (for forex) which is rare to see outside of a service or a high priced trading platform! This is potentially why I am able to report the above 94% win ratio for my forex paper trading.

When I mention $47/month I refer to you being permanantly gradfathered in.

AFTER THIS DEADLINE, The next leg price short lived INCREASE will be $67/month followed by another monthly price increase to $97/momnth

All services listed include life time access to my private/anonymous/secure chat server!

Live signaling is coming soon for this servic as well.

That is one AMAZING DEAL for all that data!

All the details are here including a presentation video


Just hit click the ‘Subscribe Now’ button at the link listed above.

If you are a software developer wanting to build custom bots to your presperity, you may want to check out the ELITE program with a 3 year subscription for only $997!

Here are the details here which include

1. 4 programming courses including the $247 Python Infrastructure Algo Trading course.

2. 10+ year archive

3. Full access to the above Quant Analytics service

4.. Exclusive private webinar playback videos moving forward

→ NOTE there there are less than 5 slots for this rate and they are going very quickly. The next round will be reduced to a 2 year subscription instead of the current 3 years. ←



Let’s do the math,

if you want the Analytics annual at the $47.month, that is 12*47=$567

ff you want 3 year for $997 with a full access to EVERYTHING I do, that $997/3 years = $332/year

That is EVERYTHING listed above for less than an annual Analytics service. Pretty good deal if you ask me! Just remember I have LESS THAN 5 slots left for this deal!

Get on these deals now before time runs out!

Thanks Bryan

NOTE I now post my TRADING ALERTS into my personal FACEBOOK ACCOUNT and TWITTER. Don't worry as I don't post stupid cat videos or what I eat!
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