Anomaly detection in timeseries data with Python library

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2019)

Here is an interesting newer machine learning techniques. It looks like it could work with a time series data. . It seems to have some potential but I posted this to have an expert give feedback. This is all happening on my private chat server.


GitHub: download thousands of datapoint for in cryptocurrency and forex backtesting

Looking for cryptocurrency historical data is tough to find. The only valid option I found was via the Bitfinex Python script I posted. I updated another option using MotiveWave to generate the data you need. Also, you would need to use the option of CryptoCompare as your data provider. Just watch the second video here.

Best solution for cheapskates

From there, you build you base set of data you need. You can then download your daily data via the CCXT package script Is show in my Python Infrastructure course.

This could save you hundreds of dollars per pair if you choose to use third party.

June Social set for Monday June 10

Lastly, for all you local folks on my Meetup group. I will be holding our usually monthly social Monday June 10. Just visit the Facebook QuantLabsNet events page or my Meetup groups.


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