Do pivots work for forex trading. How about cryptocurrency?

(Last Updated On: May 29, 2019)

I will testting out pivots to see if this works as trading timing indicator. Do you think this will work with these red and green dots? Once a position is put, it will wait it out of for red dots after the entry. It will also be combined with the usual rate of change percentage moves and long vs short position on the particular pairs. This will be able to able confirm down moves with all 3 indicators. Do realize these pivots are not 100% accurate but may be useful combined with the other indicators. I may report back to see how this works. If it does, I will apply to the crypto currency bot as well.

Update: You need to ensure the up and down threshholds need to be accurate. One way to do this is use the min and max of rate of change of your time series. This is before calculating your pivots.



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