Why cannot use C++ to write AI cryptocurrency trading programs

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2019)

I will need to say C++ is quite an interesting language. So is C. A great machine learning framework like Google Tensor Flow, It seems is written in C++ with a front end built around Python. Just check out some of the latest machine learning tutorial books including ones I am reading. I will soon to a review on the one I am reading which is great for foundation. This also addresses cryptocurrency  asset class.


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Latest Private Video How to save Your Binance Cryptocurrency Account

I also just a recorded 1:15 hour video. This covers the topics of lesson learned with early bot development which can lead to massive money loss. I also cover ways to protect your Binance account in early testing.

Another question came up where I went to great detail on implementing a position manaher to enhance profit. I cover the various parameters you can tweak to reduce risk and maximize profit opportunities.

This will be posted into my ELITE membership late today



Thanks Bryan


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