Who tried this coin bot VPS hosting service in terms of safety

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2019)


Has anyone ever hosted their trading bot on hosting service especially in safety or secure terms https://coinbotvps.com/#questions


I am trying to figure if it is safe and secure in terms of not stealing API connection data. Another concern I would have is how responsive they are in terms of problems.


Let me know your comments especially if you have tried them.

Here is part of my chat conversation:

also, is your support 24 hours 7 days per week? where are you based out of ?


yes, we usually always have someone available to help. The fastest way to get any issues handled would be contacting someone in the Discord #support channel. https://discord.gg/arQBQsx

USA based? Not bad thanks. One skeptic question: how does one guarantee you don’t snoop on peoples bot code that you can potentially steal ? I am sure others will ask me this

yep! born and raised. Yes, security does come up quite a bit. Only one person on our team handles that and that’s @DragonLady on the Discord. She’ll be setting your VPS up for you

We’re backed by CryptoGnome and also The Collective which are 2 cryptocurrency sources that are trusted by many. You can find us the Collective’s website here https://thecollectiveholdings.io/services/
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