Retail trading platform as machine learning surges ahead

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2019)


From someone who bought the Python course about machine learning and retail trading platforms

Firstly just to let you know l am enjoying the Python Crypto course, so thank you.

No sweat. Glad you like it

I was wandering whether it is still worth learning to trade using a platform like Ninjatrader or Multicharts using the C# language. I was looking for an established platform which allows you to ‘algo trade’.

I am reading machine learning now. It seems it has and will take over the algo trading world. When you see Google Tensorflow with other tools from Google, I don’t see the retail trading platform keeping up nor implementing any of these popular tools. As a result, machine learning will be light years ahead of any retail proprietary trading platform

 Am i missing something here as you have stopped teaching C# on Ninjatrader for example?

Microsoft has become an evil company of distrust. Also Windows 10 is so badly managed with their forced updates so I switched to Linux.

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