notional value of each position in the cryptocurrency and forex track record

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2019)

Here is a conversation about the notional value of each position in the cryptocurrency and forex  track record so far.

I’m new to Quantlabs.net and just getting familiar with your site. I have to say, you’re extremely generous when it comes to sharing your knowledge and experience. Much appreciated! I have a quick question on your daily TRACK RECORD – in the pnl.csv file, how to I reconcile the daily P&L column to the daily return column? For example, for April 1st – how do I derive the daily P&L of $0.084136 from the daily return of 16.69935%?


Thanks for the kind words. Each position takes only 1 unit in each position for now. I will be ramping up the position sizing soon to include portfolio optimization


Hi Bryan, thanks for getting back. So I guess your ‘notional amount’ invested is constantly changing with each new buy/sell? Thanks again


You could say based on market conditions

This refers to the track record here

Crypto and Forex Trading Track Record Dashboard

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