machine learning: secret to becoming a great software developer

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2019)

All the secret is reading other people’s source code. This is not affiliated with machine learning! You could hop over to look at some great Github repositories to see how some do it. With out this skill, you will become a really substandard coder. This results in your project to be a hornet’s nest which no one will want to visit nor maintain. This idea also helps in your debugging skills. I also find this helps you find trading patterns if you know how to log. Why do you think I created my From Zero to Hero course which is part of my Elite service?

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Get more details if you can apply machine learning to this?


Cointracking website to track your REAL bot profit and loss trading

As I strongly hinted since Friday, you cannot rely at all on the reporting of an exchange like Binance. They are pretty well as they just report the basics of the pair price, amount, commission, and total price. Do not expect to see any professional reports including profit and loss. As a result, you need to start relying on a third party service from a website called CoinTracking.info. This shows real profit and loss!

How many educators or services offer this? Get more info here


When this all works out, expect ALL prices to go up FAST!

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