John McAfee Says Spoke with Bitcoin Crypto Creator Who is Now Mad

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2019)

Despite what you think of John McFee, he was another ‘pioneer’ who lead me into crypto despite his privacy stance. After further research, my opinion has changed as well on this guy. Also, I am not into the gossip unature of the crypto currency space but this one I could not ignore. It did light up my Facebook programming group. Here was the article:


Bless his little heart. Anyhow, here is what others in this group said:

  • He won’t stop 😂
  • i only post entertainment purposes
  • McAfee is the rockstar of trolling. He is a master of social engineering
  • I think too much cocaine produces that behaviour

Pretty funny indeed? I did post some further news on this in the group. It seems no one saw it.

Bad bugs can cost you huge in early cryptocurrency bot development

Outside of the usual conspiracy theories, it seems that bugs will kill you in the world of early bot development. I posted a usuall video here

As a result of this, I will be posting another private video for my ELITE members on the solution.

Get the limited ELITE offering here


Thanks Bryan

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