Google Colab leads the future of machine learning and Python

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2019)

A repeat from yesterday in case you missed it:

Fun with Binance CCXT API trading

I got a live Binance trade video demo with their latest API. This stuff is not fun as I accidentally put at $100 + trade instead of $2 trade. You need to be careful when playing with this fire. I have all of this documented in my a NEW private 48 minute video for my ELITE level members.

The deal is still on for $997 for everything I do including the Python Infrastructure course to lay down your foundation for both systematic trading and the lucrative trading bots.


Much will be coming.

Google Colab will lead the future of machine learning and Python

I don’t even think Microsoft Azure is going to be as competitive compared to what Google is pumping out. Google owns the mobile with Android, Google has the market leadership with their machine learning framework like TensorFlow, Now this Colab puts them light yers ahead in the integrated development environment market even compared to any thing Microsoft puts out including Visual Code.

See the links I refer to by going here


Who tried this coin bot VPS hosting service in terms of safety

Has anyone ever hosted their trading bot on hosting service especially in safety or secure terms https://coinbotvps.com/#questions

I am trying to figure if it is safe and secure in terms of not stealing API connection data. Another concern I would have is how responsive they are in terms of problems.

Let me know your comments especially if you have tried them.

Here is part of my chat conversation:



P.S. The future will be very exciting with what I am discovering from these Google free open source machine learning tools.

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