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(Last Updated On: April 3, 2019)
ONCE I move over to Interacive Brokers, I will look into this FIX engine as option for my future needs. This is where  I will be focusing on C++ with future/options asset classes.

Fix8 Market Tech update – release of 19.03

Good Day! This is our newsletter, with a dose of insights into the future of Fix8. The topic of this newsletter is the flexibility and higlight of features offered in UFE, our Universal FIX Engine. 

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UFE: The fastest FIX Engine which can talk any FIX dialect without any performance downside.

For those who’ve been following us closely you’ll be well aware of UFE. The fastest FIX Engine which talks any FIX dialect without any performance downside.

In the scenario where your FIX set up can seem complicated due to FIX variants we can remove that complication with UFE amongst other benefits.

With the ability to connect to multiple venues outbound and/or have multiple inbound clients out of the box as well as the plug and play support for dropcopy and order routing (amongst the many features), we feel that most if not all your FIX issues can be solved with correct configuration of your UFE instance.

We already have sell and buy side venues running UFE.  Talk to us about your use case and how we can help.

Another example of UFE’s flexibility as it acts as an order router for two dealers. Contact us to discuss further: heretohelp@fix8mt.com.
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What’s new?

  • Add ability to access message seqnum before message is sent.
  • Further performance improvement upon the headline 250% from last release.

What’s in the works?

UFE Gateway (UFE’s web front end) dynamic session loading is due to be released in 19.06.

Have a question for us?

We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us on heretohelp@fix8mt.com.

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